Papa-Dimitri: The Man of God



The Man of God

Autobiographical notes, Prayers and Testimonials

Allow us to introduce to you a hero, a champion, a contemporary married Saint who reposed in the Lord in 1975—Father Dimitrios Gagastathis—a towering, prophetic figure; a man of great faith; a man of prayer, whose feet were touching the earth, but whose head reached the heavens.

Papa-Dimitri Gagastathis

  • 137 pages | Photos throughout
  • New Edition: This edition has been completely revised, and it replaces the older Orthodoxos Kypseli edition. This edition also includes more photos from the Greek edition.
  • Translated by Dimitri Kagaris

Father Dimitrios, or “Papa-Dimitri” as he was known, lived amidst the problems and cares of everyday life as a married priest (with nine daughters), yet “lived like an angel rather than an earthly man.”

This book contains mostly autobiographical notes taken from Papa-Dimitri’s correspondence. In these notes he recorded many wondrous and extraordinary experiences which testify to his “living faith” in the true God. He communicated with the Archangels and the Saints as if they were visibly present. After experiencing their intercessions he would often proclaim, “Our Faith is alive!”

Papa-Dimitri had very little formal education. In his humility, he stated that he could not even deliver a proper sermon, but having received the gifts of simplicity, purity of heart, meekness, and love for God, his very life became a living sermon.

Ever-memorable Papa-Dimitri Gagastathis became holy, a son of God and god by grace because he kept with exactitude—from the beginning until the end, till death—the Confession of Faith and the promises he made at Holy Baptism.”

† Elder Philotheos Zervakos

I give Him glory for making you [Papa-Dimitri] worthy to work in a manner well-pleasing to Him, especially in these difficult times of material-mindedness and indifference among the congregation of Christians.”

† Elder Amphilochios Makris

Your book on Papa-Dimitri is just wonderful. I have both editions, and the second edition is just superb.”