Orthodox Christmas plays

Experience the birth of our Lord by reading and staging one of our original Orthodox Christmas plays.

Prophecies Announcing Christ

Prophecies Announcing Christ consists of four prophecies drawn from the Old Testament. The prophecies, presented in a form of a play, offer a marvelous opportunity for parishioners to reflect on the Messiah, the Christ, who was foretold from the dawn of time, that He would come to redeem the fallen world. More information

Daniel and the Three Holy Youths

Daniel and the Three Holy Youths is a play based on the ancient Biblical story in Daniel (Chapter 3) and the Deuterocanonical addition of “The Song of the Three Holy Youths”. The narration gives the story Christian meaning, and offers parishioners an opportunity to learn important lessons, especially that of courage, to stand for what we believe and do what is right—no matter what! More information

Christmas Eve

A traditional celebration of Christmas Eve in a Greek Orthodox home in the USA, circa 1950. Behind the idea of this play lies the desire to present to the “new generation” of Greek Americans some of our old customs and traditions, preserved to some extent in certain regions of Greece to this day. It is presented for the sake of preservation, inspiration and imitation. More information