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Q&A – What is the Orthodox Church?


Before there were Protestants, before the Roman Catholic Church began innovating, there weren’t denominations; there was just the Church. That early Church hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still around, and it’s the Orthodox Church. Q You’re making a pretty bold statement, identifying the Orthodox Church with "the" Read more

Is Evangelism Orthodox?


Dear Father: I have been reading quite a bit lately, in several Orthodox periodicals and books, about evangelism. I have been Orthodox all my life and have always thought that "evangelist," "evangelism," etc. were Protestant terms. Why is the Orthodox Church in this country using Read more

Evangelism: A Responsibility


EVANGELISM: How do you react to that word? If you are of stolid Anglo-Saxon stock, you may well be wary of any overt display of religiosity, whatever its form! Is there, perhaps, a slight "un-Englishness" about it? Is it more appropriate, perhaps, to the North Read more