Preaching Another Christ: An Orthodox View of Evangelicalism

by Saint Theophan the Recluse
If you are an Orthodox Christian, consider this: How many times have you been approached by an Evangelical Christian asking whether you have been saved, or have Jesus in your heart, or have made a confession of faith in Jesus with your lips, etc? Whereupon you have been embarrassed, because you perceived that something was wrong with this approach, yet you could not come up with a proper answer. Saint Theophan the Recluse, a holy bishop of 19th century Russia, shows us how to deal with this sensitive subject, allowing us to defend the truth and bring back those who have fallen into error.

If you are an Evangelical Christian, ponder seriously upon these writings with an open mind and without prejudice. Some teachings you hold on to very dearly as “based on the Bible,” such as Confessing the Lord with Your Lips, Faith Alone, You are Saved, Sola Scriptura, Invisible Church, etc., will be shown to you as having no standing at all. May the Lord, through this letter, reveal to you the difference between His True Self and another Christ, and the difference between His True, Orthodox Church and another Church.

Preaching Another Christ
Preaching Another Christ

  • 53 pages
  • Includes side headings for quick reference


This is quite a powerful little book and has changed my perspective on how to defend my faith; it all starts from within myself – understanding that I dont need to “defend” my faith rather I need to stand up and object to heretics “confusing” my inner peace …” Vasiliki

Its message for the benefit of all Orthodox Faithful is long overdue. Saint Theophan the Recluse gives a truthful, yet loving, explanation of the Orthodox Church Faith correcting many erroneous quasi-Christian points still professed by those who do not understand or do not wish to know the value of the Church and its Holy Tradition. I recommend it to all Orthodox Faithful and to anyone else who desires to know the real Christ our Savior and the salvatory power of His Church. We here at Saint John’s are mailing this booklet to every parishioner for their edification.” — Fr. George S. Zervos

We are studying this book now at our Adult Education Class at our church. I think that this book should be read by every Orthodox Christian and also given to friends and family to protect them from delusions.” — C. from Indiana

I am coming to Orthodoxy from a Protestant background and this book has been most beneficial to me.” — Bill N.

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