Saint Iakovos (Tsalikis) of Evia Icon


This Icon of Saint Iakovos of Evia is an original work by Anthony Hatzidakis.

Για να παραγγείλετε την ίδια αυτή εικόνα με το όνομα του Αγίου στα ελληνικά, κάντε κλικ ΕΔΩ.

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This Icon was created digitally utilizing iconographic and photographic sources. The Icon print is protected with a UV laminate and is mounted on a beveled walnut finish pressed wood panel.

Icon size reference

Additional information

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 2 in

6"x8", 9"x12", 14"x18"


Keyhole slot

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