Russian Mystery

For almost a century, Communism attempted to remove the need for God from the soul of the Russian people, but failed. After emerging from the “cruel spiritual winter”, the Russian land produced new growth in the Orthodox Church, nourished by the blood of millions of new Christian Martyrs.

Ode of Peace

By Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis, 1991. For children. “Peace is what I leave with you, it is My peace I give to you…”

The Fall of Adam & Eve

Fr. Seraphim Rose illustrates the Genesis account: Paradise, our free will, the state of Adam before the fall, consequences of the fall, and what it all means to us.

Western Learning and Latin Influence on the Church

How is Western schoolbook learning different from divine knowledge? Fr. Seraphim Rose talks about the theology of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

Katavasiae of Christmas

The Katavasiae of Christmas, chanted in English, by Fr. Emmanuel and Anthony Hatzidakis. Rendering in English by Fr. Emmanuel.