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Is Israel the Promised Land?

Zionist Jews, and with them many fundamentalist Bible thumpers, literally believe in the eternal covenant Yahweh made with them, 4,000 years ago. Today, the behavior of Israel towards the Palestinians over earthly lands resembles the Nazis. The persecuted have become the persecutors. How can it Read more

Q&A – What is the Orthodox Church?

Before there were Protestants, before the Roman Catholic Church began innovating, there weren’t denominations; there was just the Church. That early Church hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still around, and it’s the Orthodox Church. Q You’re making a pretty bold statement, identifying the Orthodox Church with "the" Read more

Original Sin According to Saint Paul

By Fr. John Romanides. If one is to vigorously and consistently maintain that Jesus Christ is the unique Savior Who has brought salvation to a world in need of salvation, one obviously must know what is the nature of the need which provoked this salvation. Read more

The Character of Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy is not a particular Christian confession, but has a general and trans-temporal character. Orthodoxy was not created by abstractions and divisions, but is the single and unified truth. It is the truth of the Church, the truth of the body of Christ, which is Read more

Orthodoxy at a Glance

The Orthodox Church is the Church founded by Christ, the New Testament Church continued through the ages. She fully identifies herself with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Since ancient times she calls herself Orthodox, which means "right-believing", in order to separate herself from Read more

Is Evangelism Orthodox?

Dear Father: I have been reading quite a bit lately, in several Orthodox periodicals and books, about evangelism. I have been Orthodox all my life and have always thought that "evangelist," "evangelism," etc. were Protestant terms. Why is the Orthodox Church in this country using Read more

Science and Religion

Scientists are hard to work with on a committee, an academic friend once told me, because they often change their minds when they see new evidence. I was reminded of this a few months ago when I saw a survey in the journal Nature. It Read more

Evangelism: A Responsibility

EVANGELISM: How do you react to that word? If you are of stolid Anglo-Saxon stock, you may well be wary of any overt display of religiosity, whatever its form! Is there, perhaps, a slight "un-Englishness" about it? Is it more appropriate, perhaps, to the North Read more

The Church is a Therapeutic Center

Orthodox people view the Church as a spiritual hospital, a clinic, a hospice, a therapeutic center, and a fitness center—all combined in one! The aim of the treatment is to provide spiritual cure, maintain wellness for its patients (faithful members) and lead them to eternal Read more