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The articles on Over the Rooftops address Church issues, Christian life, ecumenism, faith, Christology—and more. Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis is the primary author.

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What We Believe and Practice

The Orthodox Christian life is about living to the glory of God. It is not an “irrational exuberance” and crusading for saving souls. It is doing for His glory what God has given us to do. Read more

The Orthodox Church: A Historical Sketch

The Orthodox Church is the true Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Orthodox Church of today traces her history back to the New Testament Church in an unbroken continuity. The Apostles, as our Lord commanded, preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and founded Read more

Original Sin According to Saint Paul

By Fr. John Romanides. If one is to vigorously and consistently maintain that Jesus Christ is the unique Savior Who has brought salvation to a world in need of salvation, one obviously must know what is the nature of the need which provoked this salvation. Read more

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

What are the characteristics of the Church? Do all groups, in fact, comprise the Church? If so, why are there so many differences, even contradictions between them? What is ultimately the relationship between Orthodoxy and the other religious groups? Read more