Evaluate Your Church

Is your church in good health? Does it need resuscitation? Find out. Download this sheet, fill it out and give it to your priest.

Download this scorecard (PDF) to help evaluate your church's health.

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Elder Emilianos eulogizes Fr. Dimitri Gagastathis

Elder Emilianos (+2019), former abbot of Simonos Petra Monastery on Mt. Athos recalls the holy life of the simple village priest, Fr. Dimitri Gagastathis.

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Why a Crucified Messiah? by Fr. Thomas Hopko – Part 1

Why did the Messiah, the Savior of the world, have to necessarily die an unnatural death by being murdered? Fr. Thomas Hopko answers in this talk .

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Repentance: the beginning and end of our spiritual journey

King Manasse, the wicked king of the Jews who repented after a 55 year reign, is just one figure the Church sets before us to show that change is possible.

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How God’s power becomes effective

Without our faith God’s power remains ineffectual, impotent, unrealized. With faith, the Fountain of mercy opens and pours down in a deluge.

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  1. Why should we even fight this issue? The Patriarchs, the Metropolitans, the Archbishops, Bishops and theologians support it and the spiritual life of the typical Orthodox parish in the United States is spiritually dead and dying. The leadership only wants more of the same. No wonder the laity are leaving the church and even some priests quietly and slowly loose their faith. We are surrounded by secular relativism on one side and arrogant triumphalism on the the other.

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