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How to give yourself Christ as a gift

Did you forget to give yourself the greatest gift of all this year? Here’s how to give yourself this gift—Christ. No one else can give Him to you!

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Holy Communion

Marriage “In Christ” — Part IV

Holy Eucharist is central in everything Based on our an …

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Marriage “in Christ” — Part III

I will take the cup of salvation, and will call on the …

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Marriage crowns

Marriage “in Christ” — Part II

The real meaning of marriage crowns “O Lord our God, cr …

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Marriage “in Christ” — Part I

Everything a Christian does should be done “in Christ”. In this first of four articles on marriage, we look at what it means to be married “in Christ”.

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Ukranian Church

Eastern Catholics: Why compromise? Be Authentic!

Eastern Catholics: There is no reason to remain attached to Rome. The mother Church will receive you with open arms. Free yourselves from the papal yoke.

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The Eternal Beauty of the Church

Strengthen your faith in Christ and in His One Holy Church He founded. A Roman Catholic theologian pays tribute to the Orthodox Church.

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Are ALL Welcome?

The message “ALL ARE WELCOME” is displayed in front of non-Orthodox churches all across America. Is it right for Orthodox churches to admit everyone to our services?

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Marios Nasios, the wounded eagle

Completely fulfilled, assured of the life to come and not focused on this world, Marios Nasios was taught by God, and thankful to Him—for everything.

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The mysterious ending of Saint John the Theologian

Was the author of the Book of Revelation and the fourth Gospel translated into heaven like the Theotokos? Here’s what the primary sources say.

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