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newtown seeking answers

Newtown: Seeking Answers

Is our heavenly Father to blame for all the ills of humanity we brought upon ourselves? There is an answer, but the answer is for believing Christians only.

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Evaluate Your Church

Is your church in good health? Does it need resuscitation? Find out. Download this sheet, fill it out and give it to your priest.

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what is sin

What is Sin?

The prevalent notion in the West on what constitutes sin does not correspond with the Orthodox understanding. Sin goes beyond a personal bad choice.

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Who is Jesus Christ?

Who is Jesus Christ? Is He a human or a divine being? Does it matter what we believe about Him? We have an obligation to defend the truths of our faith.

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Q&A – What is the Orthodox Church?

Before there were Protestants, before the Roman Catholi …

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“What shall we offer You, O Christ?”

This year let us present to the Divine Infant our own gifts, our very personal gifts. What might they be? It would be wise to draw near and worship Him.

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